SPRING…. Through the Eyes of a Grade One Student

It’s grey outside. The ground is brown. I wonder when the green will come?

I like the spring flowers. Spring is a lot of fun and the sun is out. I love spring and my sister loves it too. Flowers, grass, puddles and trees, I can see! Spring is apples growing on trees and riding bikes!

It is cold and warm and sunny and cloudy. In spring we love to be outside!

By Damion, Tyce, Kennady, Iris and Alexa


Grade Ones Think about the question WHERE DO WORDS GO?


“Well that’s easy! They go into your brain!” Tyce answered

Kennady thought, “Well sometimes they get lost – when you forget.”

Iris wrote that words go with you where you go and words go with you when you eat.

Words go in your head, Alexa wrote.

“Words go on the bus to you!” thought Tyce.

“But words go to bed when you read.” said Kennady.

More about words? Yes! Words jump in my sandwich when I have lunch, words like to play in the sun. Words can go to work at Sask Power and build houses!

Mrs. Smeltzer thinks that in winter words go and hide in the snow.  In spring time when the snow melts all the words are free! The children eat them all up. Once the kids go back to work the words make new stories, songs and poems.

We wonder… How can the world can store so many words?

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The Kindness Spies

This is a story inspired by some wonderful grade one children.

In grade one at Pleasantdale School there are five kindness spies. What is a kindness spy?

A kindness spy is a person who is six or seven years old. This person spies out kindness.

What is kindness? Kindness is what people do to help each other and make each other feel better. This will be a book about these five kindness spies and what they discovered each day.

Let me introduce to you these special students.

Tyce is six years old and likes tomatoes and action figures.

Iris is six years old almost 7 and likes carrots and Barbies.

Kennady is six years old and likes peppers and playing with her two dogs.

Alexa is six years old and likes cucumbers and playing with her kitten.

Damion is six years old and likes chocolate chip banana muffins and lego figures.

Today Alexa saw Nina being kind. Nina asked really nicely to use Alexa’s pencil.

Iris reported that her sister Lily asked nicely to play with a toy.

Tyce’s sister helped their dog Fran get up on the bed.

Kennady spied her mom helping her dad walk because he just had surgery on his leg. Mrs. Smeltzer saw the grade twos helping each other read.


Today’s kindness report from our five spies.

Alexa spied her mom helping her shovel the deck in the big storm. Kennady spied her mom making lunch. She spied her brother shoveling the driveway.

Iris spied her mom helping her sister to tie her shoes.

Tyce spied his mom helping people shovel out of the snow.

Mrs. Smeltzer spied out Mrs. Dubuc shoveling the doorways for people to get into school.



On Tuesday Tyce spied Miss Mckinnon and Mrs. Andruschuk helping Skylar fix his roof that ripped.

Alexa spied her Dad helping people shovel out their cars.

Kennady spied Iris sharing her pencils.

Mrs. Smeltzer spied Isabelle helping one of her table partners.


The kindness reporting went on and on Wednesday Alexa spied Evie picking up Skylar’s eraser.

Tyce found out that the grade twos were letting Lexi from grade one try her idea at recess.

Kennady was kind when she let Dez in front of her to get a drink.

Iris saw Calla being kind when she shared her pencils.

All the kindness spies reported that Miss Mckinnon is the kindest and most helpful teacher all day long!

The kindness spies couldn’t wait for Damion to get better and made him get well pictures one day.

Roar into Reading!

Our reading group of wonderful grade ones read a story about a farmer called the big sneeze. We decided then to write our own story and this is it!

The Big Sneeze

By Kora, Sadie Y, Justice, Chloe and Mrs. Smeltzer

One day at Pleasantdale School. The teachers and students were sleeping because it was so hot.

Only a small blue and pink butterfly was awake.  Suddenly it landed on Miss McKinnon’s nose.

“ATTCHOOOOOOOO!”  The big sneeze came out and….

The butterfly flew into the book shelf.  That knocked the books over into the paint.

Pink, purple and green paint splattered all over all the grade ones.

The grade ones were now pink, purple, and green all over. The kids all went home to take a freezing, cold bath.  All the coloured water went down the drain and into

Boundary Lake and that’s how Boundary Lake became pink, purple and green!

An Interesting Endangered Specie The Pangolin

Armour, long sticky tongue, and huge front digging claws are just three of the unusual body parts of the Pangolin. The pangolin can be found in four areas of the world. The Chinese Pangolin, the Indian Pangolin, the Philippines Pangolin and the African Pangolin  are all endangered because of  human land development.

The Pangolin is a mammal. It’s name comes from pengguling which means something that rolls up.

It has no teeth in it’s mouth, it has no scales on it’s belly, it has very thick protecting eye lids. The huge claws can rip open a termite nest. It then sticks in its long sticky tongue to capture ants or termites up to 200,000 a day! The pangolin stores it’s tongue in a pouch in it’s mouth. Inside it’s stomach are sharp spines that can grind up food. The sharp scales on it’s tail can cut it’s enemies but the pangolin can also put it’s scales down to carry it’s baby on it’s back. The pangolin is pretty tiny only 0.3/ meters/ a foot long.

One of it’s protection tricks is to roll into a tight ball leaving only the sharp scales showing.  It closes it’s eyelids and ears and nose to protect from ant or termite bites.

Such a cool animal should be protected. Their is a law that restricts hunting of pangolins. Organizations like Angry Birds are protecting it. Prince William is teaming up  with Angry Birds. In Africa there are parks that protect the pangolin. But in Asia people continue to hunt them even though it is against the law.

As reporters we think this interesting animal that walks like a little old man on it’s two back legs should be protected! After all how many animals can do so many interesting things with their body.

The video below shows you how cool this animal is!


Another video that shows a pangolin having a mud bath!



Where Did Your lunch Come From?

You might think that your lunch comes form the store but did you ever stop to think aboutimageimage

Potatoe  Chips!

what country it came from?

We read a book that told us how many foods came from North America and where many of  the others came from. Apples started out in Asia! They travelled thruough the centuries to China, to Egypt, to Italy, then England and finally NOrth America. That’s just the apple! Tomatoes came originally form South America, lettuce from Asia and Africa. The bread that we eat came from Asia and eventually traced it’s way  to us.

Many animals produce milk but Christopher Columbus in 1492  brought a cow with him from Spain to North America.

So your lunch is brought to you by explorers, settlers and traiders who carried the food around the world literally!